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Design, test-fit and visualize space with unparalleled ease and agility


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Realize unparalleled ease and cost-savings across space design and test-fits with CBRE Plans / Plans Pro and Build 3D.

Transform the historically slow, costly and cumbersome process of space design, programming and visualization into one that is agile and efficient. Quickly visualize office, retail, industrial and residential environments to your specifications.

Screenshot of office layout
Screenshot of dashboard with 3D floor plan rendering
Screenshot of a 3D rending of an office setup
Screenshot of a 3D rending of an office cafe
Screenshot of 3D rendering of open office
Screenshot of 3D rendering of open air retail

Key Benefits

  • Design space that enables your talent or customer growth agenda
  • Reduce or eliminate design and configuration costs
  • Easily drive stakeholder engagement with your space

Design, Adjust, Repeat

Custom floorplans in minutes, not weeks

  • Configure workplaces to envision the future of work
  • Go from 2D to 3D instantly
  • Immerse yourself in your new space

Go from 2D to 3D instantly

  • Navigate through 3D models of any space or asset
  • Bespoke and customized to your specifications

Share your designs easily

  • Export PDFs, CAD files and more
  • Generate renderings and virtual fly-throughs
  • Embed into other materials including digital collateral

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