The Road WELL Traveled

Creating scalable and sustainable strategies for healthy buildings, Jie Min – a wellbeing & sustainability standards manager in Singapore – also believes in implementing long term frameworks for improving the wellbeing of the people who occupy them.

September 15, 2023 3 Minute Read

Certifications are not a destination but an important part of the journey to improve ESG impact.
Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of maintaining healthy buildings and safeguarding employee wellbeing. “Five years ago, we had to convince them and show them the return on investment,” shares Jie Min. “But now, the clients come to us.”

Whether spurred by their own sustainability targets or the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are incorporating health and wellbeing goals into their organizational strategies—and seeking support to ensure scale and success. This is how Jie Min uses her insights to guide our clients. Since joining CBRE in 2022, she has worked with clients in Australia, Japan, Thailand and Singapore, and her expertise now rounds out a Singapore-based team that provides a full suite of ESG consulting and sustainability services.

Jie Min advises clients on a broad range of strategies, policies and location-specific operations. For example, she has helped clients monitor and interpret their indoor air quality.
And as the focus on environmental and social priorities spreads to developing markets, even simple actions can inspire employees to seek healthier behaviors. “In some countries, potable water is not readily available from the tap. We recommend that clients increase the number of water dispensers in those offices, so it’s easier for employees to readily access clean drinking water, instead of unhealthy alternatives.”

Jie Min also helps clients attain wellness and sustainability certifications, such as WELL or LEED. “One of the most effective and proven methods for organizations to achieve their goals is to meet science-based standards and certifications backed by medical experts.” She also encourages companies to look to the long term and continue improving upon the frameworks they’ve built—work she believes in strongly. “Certifications are not a destination but an important part of the journey to improve employee health and wellbeing.”

An architecture graduate, Jie Min has always had a passion for sustainable buildings, even from her school days. “A professor once told me, a sustainable building is one that people enjoy spending time in. That really left an impression on me because it makes so much sense. Apart from having features like energy efficiency, low carbon emissions and water conservation, the built environment should benefit the community and service occupants as well.”

To learn more about how we’re realizing a sustainable future, download our Corporate Responsibility Report here.

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