Expert Advice: Application and Interview Tips

How Best-in-Class Candidates Stand Out

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This is an exciting and pivotal time at CBRE. With our world-class talent numbering 100,000+ globally, we’re growing and expanding every day.

Ready to apply at CBRE? We’re sharing interview tips from one of our expert talent sourcers, with over 30 years’ recruiting experience. Here’s how you can prepare to put your best self forward:

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile and resume regularly.
    They're your best communication tools prior to the interview; invest more time in creating the best versions. Allow them to speak to why you’re qualified for a role versus using the cover letter to do so. A few key indicators recruiters and talent sourcers look at are:
  2. a. Accomplishments and major projects, past and present

    b. Most recent employer

    c. Length of time employed

    d. Size of organization

  3. Do your research on the company PRIOR to applying.
    Evaluate your career goals and priorities, then assess if the organization aligns with these ideals. Can you see yourself growing within the company? Do their corporate responsibilities align with your principles? Spend time exploring the website, reviews, awards, leadership teams, to better make an informed decision.
  4. Prepare for the interview.
    Begin by carefully rereading the job description before beginning the interview. This will help you speak confidently to your experience and how it relates to the role you’re interviewing for. Additionally, use the description to prepare any questions you may have if unanswered by the end of the interview.
  5. Highlight transferable skills.
    If you’re looking to pivot your experience to a new industry, it’s important the interviewer understand how your current expertise can be transferred to the role you’re applying for. Organizations are not looking for the experience of a specific company, they’re looking for how your experience can successfully transition into your new role.
  6. a. Be open-minded – when transferring skills or pivoting into a new industry, you may not be at the same experience level as your previous organization. Sometimes, it means making a lateral move or taking a slight step back. However, what you'll gain are valuable skills necessary to propel you within your new role and organization.

  7. Apply keywords from the job description to your resume as it applies to your experience.
    In today's digital age, larger companies use some form of artificial intelligence and algorithms to extract key indicators from an applicant’s resume. For large organizations, Word Documents are the best versions to submit if not sending directly to an individual.
  8. Know how to tell your story.
    Highlight your successes—emphasize your experiences, achievements, or skills that uniquely set you apart from other candidates. Spend time practicing this with someone whose professional opinion you hold in high regard.

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