3 Ways to Make a Flexible Role Work for You

There are a range of reasons people choose to work in the hospitality industry, but commonly, it’s the flexibility casual/shift work allows for. Indeed, you are often juggling a range of other commitments, such as study and caregiving, that render them unable to apply for roles that require a full-time commitment.

The nature of many flexible work arrangements, however, particularly in the current climate, means that workers can feel pressured or obliged to take up any and all shifts offered to retain their position – weekdays, weekends, evenings, short shift or long. While this may work well for some, for many, it inevitably eats into your social life and other commitments. 

There are things you can do however to take back control, regain work-life balance and make flexible work, work for you!

1. Consider other types of  employment 

When it comes to flexible work, you don’t need to feel pigeon-holed to the hospitality industry. Other industries require casual staff too – including corporates! Your skills are highly sought after and highly transferrable. You’re a communicator, a people person, a problem solver, a multi-tasker – the list goes on! Don’t be afraid to think outside the square and find a casual role that suits your interests and/or career goals.

2. Don’t underestimate your value 

For employers, a flexible workforce provides the opportunity to draw on extra staff to help with peak periods and cover for staff who may be away. The service you are providing is valuable to them. They need you just as much as you need them. Be confident in both your ability and employability and if you don’t feel valued in your current role, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere.

3. Be clear on your availability

Being a flexible worker doesn’t mean you are available 24/7. Provide your employer with the hours and days you are available to work – in writing and in person – so there is no confusion. If you’re clear from the beginning, then if they roster you on for shifts outside these hours, you have a point of reference to say no. Update your hours of availability when and if they change, and let your employer know in advance if there is a particular period (e.g. university breaks) where you are available for extra shifts. 

Open the door to future opportunities

Looking for a pathway out of the hospitality industry and into something different? If a flexible role in the corporate sector appeals to you, contact the CBRE Work Your Way Team today! To get started, simply click here and fill out our interest form to get the ball rolling.

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