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Market Spotlight: Chicago in Focus

October 18, 2023 5 Minute Read

chicago L train passing through the city

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From its economic diversity to its logistical resilience, see how Chicago earns its global reputation as a home for business, investment and talent. CBRE takes an in-depth look at the factors the city has to offer in a special Market Spotlight on Chicago.
Chicago in Focus with Spencer Levy

Four Factors for Chicago

  1. Industry

    An epicenter. Not of one industry. All of them. 

    Chicago's economy remains the most economically diverse in the U.S.
    Source: World Business Chicago
    Chicago ranks within the top ten on the Global Financial Centre Index

    Chicagoland has been the top U.S. metro for business relocations and expansions for ten years in a row
    Source: Site Selection Magazine
  2. Infrastructure

    Iconic, world-renowned infrastructure, framing a city and filing it with life.

    Chicago is one of only two U.S. cities on Time Out Magazine's "Top Cities in the World for Public Transit"

    O'Hare International Airport is the #1 port by value in the world
    Source: World Business Chicago
    Chicagoland has the most square feet of industrial real estate of any U.S. metro 
  3. Interconnection

    A unique sense of place. A spirit. An energy. A city’s beating heart recognized and revered throughout the world.

    Chicago was voted best city in the U.S. for the 7th straight year
    Source: Condé Nast Traveler
    Chicago was voted 2nd best food and drink city in the world, first in North America
    Source: Time Out Magazine
    Chicago was ranked 3rd among major U.S. cities on the Violence Prevention Index
    Source: Community Justice Action Fund
  4. Livability

    Cost effective, accessible and approachable—putting a world-class city into a class of its own.

    While the third most populous, Chicago is the 20th most affordable city in the U.S.
    Source: Yahoo Finance
    Chicago has the 2nd most "high livability areas" in the U.S., containing over 52 neighborhoods with high public transit use, median household income over $100,000, and a COL index under 125
    Source: ESRI data
    Nearly half of Chicago's population lives within a 10-minute walk of a CTA or Metra station
    Source: ESRI data

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