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LA Rams Victory and The Power of The Shared Experience

February 23, 2022

By Lewis C. Horne



Lewis Horne

President - Greater LA, Orange County & Inland Empire

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I have never questioned the importance the built environment plays in my life. After all, I am in real estate and understand that bringing people together is an important ingredient to fulfillment, on a personal as well as professional level. Especially after two years of dealing with a global pandemic that has been so disruptive, being together positively affects the quality of our life and the quality of our work.

This was really vivid to me on Super Bowl Sunday, when I suspect most of America spent the day in a similar fashion; with friends and family watching the big game. Whether it’s about football or just good company, the likelihood is high that, just like me, you were enjoying this quintessential U.S. tradition, caught up in the excitement of the day, sharing stories, opinions, laughter and good food with others.

This year held particular importance for us Angelenos because we got to witness our LA Rams take home the trophy in our very own backyard. While spending the day with my closest friends and family, I was reminded that community is as important as the game.  
The occasion made me think of what brings us together and why I felt so invigorated for days after; surely the win had a lot to do with it, but there was more. 

There was a sense of pride in witnessing the big game taking place in a facility that sets a whole new standard for sporting and event arenas. It was palpable that the Rams were proud to be playing in such a special place. The sheer size, breathtaking architecture and design along with the programming, digital capabilities, sound quality and amenities are spectacular – I have had the privilege to frequent SoFi stadium and get chills every time. 

Our built environment has the ability to bring us together. This is as true of big entertainment venues, like SoFi, as it is of the office when you unexpectedly run into a visiting client or have a sit-down with colleagues. 

In many ways, we have moved from dress code – let’s face it, COVID has facilitated a more relaxed style -  to building code in that we realize our environment elevates us as people. It’s undeniable that our surroundings have the power to inspire us, make us feel valued, supported, as well as making us want to be better people who do great things. 

So spaces matter. Big events matter. And most importantly, being together matters because of the energy we get from those around us. 

I would like to hear your take on the importance of the shared experience. I will be tackling this topic further in one of my next blogs, touching on our reimagined South Bay office. 

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