Creating Resillience

Reopening Flexible Office Spaces

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By Christelle Bron

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The implications of COVID-19 have been profound, and the path to business recovery is evolving and fluid. Here’s how the major flexible space providers are planning on reopening their workplaces, including the steps they are taking to help keep their customers safe.

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All COVID-19 related materials have been developed with information from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and the experience of CBRE, clients and strategic suppliers in affected regions. They may not be suitable for application to all facilities or situations. Ultimately, occupiers and landlords must make and implement their own strategic decisions for their individual stakeholders and facilities. CBRE’s guidance is intended to initiate those discussions and expedite the process. We make no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of this material. CBRE cannot ensure safety and disclaims all liability arising from use of these materials.