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Want to Find a Medical Office in Philadelphia? Look Near Hospitals and Affluent Areas

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February 26, 2024 2 Minute Read


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CBRE Econometric Advisors (CBRE EA) offers medical office data going back to 2010 for all major U.S. markets. While this data helps investors compare metro areas at a high level, marrying it with our geospatial capabilities allows for a more nuanced view of market trends, such as local clustering patterns and pockets of outperformance.

In the Philadelphia metro, for example, mapping medical office densities reveals two prominent clustering patterns. The first is a concentration of medical offices around hospitals in the downtown core. The second is a tendency for medical offices to be located along major arteries, particularly in affluent areas like the Main Line and King of Prussia.

The combination of hyper-granular data and cutting-edge geospatial tools provides investors with a richer understanding of medical offices and how metro markets are evolving. Our metro-level forecasts, which will be available soon, will add further insight for investors looking to put capital to work in this relatively new asset class.

Figure 1: Philadelphia Medical Office

Map of the Month