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North America Data Center Trends H1 2023

September 6, 2023 4 Minute Read


Colocation Insights

  • VFX and gaming are no longer the only project types seeking higher rack densities. AI and other high-performance computing do too.
  • AI-focused hardware companies such as Nvidia are acquiring software companies, such as CoreWeave, leading them to seek large power capacities for immediate deployment. This leasing is also speculative, as the firms intend to partially sublet space.

Market Trends

  • Available data center capacity is increasingly for enterprise colocation, AI and machine learning, as well as seemingly omnipresent hyperscale growth.
  • New power requests can be more challenging to fulfill. Regulatory approval for power procurement has become increasingly politicized. Power requests are also scrutinized through the lens of ESG and broader economic benefit.

Notable Activity

  • Cologix began construction on a 21 MW data center in Technoparc, Montreal.
  • Aligned Data Centers invested in QScale.

Figure 1: Market Development Information

Source: CBRE Research, CBRE Data Center Solutions, H1 2023.

Figure 2: Market Inventory and Vacancy

Source: CBRE Research, CBRE Data Center Solutions, H1 2023.

Figure 3: Market Fuel Mix

Source: Hydro Quebec.

Figure 4: Average Asking Rates

Source: CBRE Research, CBRE Data Center Solutions, H1 2023.

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    Operators and developers are evaluating new development because large blocks of existing inventory are very scarce.

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    The region has continued growing, with recent activity from DataBank, Cologix and CloudHQ.

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    Demand for wholesale colocation resulted in 28 MW of preleasing in H1 2023.

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