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Comfort & Joy: Rethinking office interiors

January 30, 2024 29 Minute Listen


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What will the future of the office look like? Ask an interior designer. ThinkLab’s Amanda Schneider offers insights on how organizations can use design to support everything from hybrid work strategies to employee health and safety and from sustainability to portfolio optimization.

Comfort & Joy: Rethinking office interiors

January 30, 2024 29 Minute Listen

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Hybrid work has brought interior design innovation to the forefront of conversations around productivity and the value of the office.

  2. Many organizations are seeking intelligent ways to incorporate technology into the workplace design, and even their furniture, to measure their occupancy and effectiveness.

  3. People do not want to come into the office and do the same work they do at home, so office design must account for changed workplace uses.


Photo of Amanda Schneider

Amanda Schneider

Founder & President, ThinkLab

Amanda Schneider, LEED AP, MBA, founded ThinkLab, the only research entity wholly focused on the interiors industry. She's a respected thought leader featured in prestigious publications from the Huffington Post to Forbes to Interior Design Magazine, a sought-after keynote speaker, and the host of the popular podcast, Design Nerds Anonymous.


Photo of Spencer Levy

Spencer Levy

Global Client Strategist & Senior Economic Advisor, CBRE

Spencer Levy is Global Client Strategist and Senior Economic Advisor for CBRE, the largest commercial real estate services firm in the world. In this role, he focuses on client engagement and public-facing activities, including thought leadership work performed in conjunction with CBRE Research. He also serves as Co-Chair of the Real Estate Roundtable’s Research Committee.


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