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Japan Logistics Occupier Survey 2023

June 15, 2023

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Pursuing logistics optimisation in supply chain management

—CBRE’s 2023 Japan Logistics Occupier Survey was conducted in March 2023. The survey found that demand for increased warehouse space and the expansion and recalibration of logistics networks in Japan remains strong.

—While “establishing new logistics centers / expanding locations and floor area” was selected by a majority of logistics operators as their top priority, consignor firms tended to select “improving efficiency of logistics networks through consolidation / relocation of facilities”. This indicates that logistics operators are looking to expand their operations, while consignor companies are seeking increased efficiency. “Improving efficiency of logistics networks through automation / digital transformation” was the second-most selected measure for logistics operators and consignor firms, suggesting that digital transformation is a key focus of expansion and recalibration plans. This is likely a result of the rising sense of urgency triggered by surging logistics operation costs.

—The survey also found that policies are being put in place to address the “2024 problem” and improve supply chains. These measures are reflected by stronger demand for centers in regional cities and transit locations, increased stock loading, and an anticipation of increased distribution loads due to the construction of new (semiconductor) plants.

—In addition to long-standing issues facing the logistics industry, such as labour shortages and automation, rising demand from the manufacturing sector is expected to lead to increased requirements for advanced logistics facilities in the coming years.