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Post-Pandemic Trends in Healthcare and Medical Office

Washington, D.C. Metro

February 1, 2024 20 Minute Read

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One of the pillars of the local economy, the healthcare industry is evolving with post-pandemic shifts in business and demand, and real estate plays a key role.


Some major healthcare providers are financially strapped coming out of the pandemic when—out of necessity—they were focused on Covid-related patient care, putting revenue-producing elective procedures on hold. For many, business is still normalizing.


But the day-to-day practitioner, like the dentist, eye doctor, and physical therapist, is in many cases doing well. Overall population growth in the region means more demand, and post-pandemic changes in how people live and work yield new geographic patterns for those practitioners. Many are looking to traditional office buildings outside the CBD as they chase the work-from-home population. For many landlords of office buildings, these tenants represent a new source of demand. As post-pandemic demand for traditional office space wanes for some building types and demand grows for medical providers, more office buildings are expected to open their doors to medical users.