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2021 Scoring Tech Talent

Tech Talent Job Growth Shows Economic Importance During Pandemic

July 14, 2021 60 Minute Read


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What's in the Report?

Scoring Tech Talent is a comprehensive analysis of labor market conditions, cost and quality in North America for highly skilled tech workers.

The top 50 markets in the U.S. and Canada are ranked according to their competitive advantages and appeal to both employers and tech talent employees. Twenty-five additional North American tech talent markets are also analyzed, as well as 10 up-and-coming Latin American markets.

Insights from our Expert Roundtable

Scoring Tech Talent: Workforce, Diversity and Hiring Trends

Our Expert Roundtable event on Sept. 16, 2021, highlighted key findings from the report and featured a panel discussion covering a wide range of topics, including tech talent acquisition strategies, building a diverse workforce at every stage of company growth, hybrid and remote work, location-based compensation, venture capital investing and more—plus what it all means for real estate markets.

Featured Speakers

Daniel Culbertson - Economist, Indeed

Iris Choi - Partner, Floodgate

Colin Yasukochi - Executive Director, CBRE Tech Insights Center


Todd Husak - Managing Director, CBRE Tech & Media Practice

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