Aileen Pendleton

Senior Furniture Advisor

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321 N. Clark Street
Suite 3400
Chicago, IL 60654

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Aileen Pendleton is a Senior Furniture Advisor with CBRE Furniture Advisory Services, a line of business within the Space Enablement Group. With 15 years of experience in the commercial furniture and design industry, she works with clients to understand their specific furniture objectives and translate them into a strategic bidding process. Aileen’s diverse experience allows her to quickly identify how to develop an ideal competitive bidding landscape as she understands how manufacturers products best align and has an acute awareness of how to best mitigate client risk in the bidding and buying process.

In addition, Aileen works with the Furniture Advisory Analyst division to develop and present the RFP pricing summary in a way which creates simplicity and transparency to clients. By understanding where the levels of discounting should be based on the product mix, volume, terms and Furniture Advisory’s database, she is able to demonstrate whether the client is paying what they should be paying. When the discounting levels are not where they should be, she will work with the bidders to negotiate the discounting levels which align with the volume.  She also reviews all proposals and invoices prior to order entry to ensure all project discounting is compliant with the agreement.