Alicia Chidsey

Senior Managing Director

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Alicia Chidsey is a Senior Managing Director with CBRE Global Workplace Solutions on the Sprint account.  Her responsibilities include oversight of Commercial Transactions, Planning, and Project Management for over 15M square feet of space that includes domestic commercial offices, parking, land, warehouses, and international commercial offices.

Prior to her Commercial Operations responsibilities, Alicia was the head of Sustainability & Energy with CBRE on the Sprint account.  Her responsibilities included implementation and management of sustainability initiatives, creation of policies, and oversight of the program throughout Sprint’s national commercial, retail, and network portfolios.  In this role, Alicia engaged in cross-functional project work with various teams, including Planning, Transaction Management, Sourcing, Retail, and Facility Management.  She was also responsible for the continued development of Sprint’s Real Estate sustainability program, creating educational and communication materials, developing dashboards, metrics and technology support, leading corporate stewardship teams, and identifying new sustainability opportunities.  Alicia managed these responsibilities using a holistic approach to sustainability with strengths in cross functional management of peer, customer, and vendor groups, and process improvement.

Prior to her career with CBRE, Alicia worked at Sprint negotiating real estate transactions on a wide variety of agreements including telecom access, rights-of-way, commercial leases, and subleases.  Alicia’s early real estate experience includes title work and real estate law firm work in the Chicago market, primarily representing developers and business owners in condominium developments.