Angel McLean

Senior DSF Analyst

Lic. 02149108

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Angelica (Angel) McLean's nameplate labels her a senior DSF analyst, but that title does little to describe the depth and breadth of her role with the Capital Markets team.

Certainly Angel works at blurring speeds in CBRE Capital Markets’ debt and structured finance department.

Like every good organizer, she is the glue who keeps communication flowing between lenders and borrower clients during the closing process to keep everyone focused on the required timeline. Worried about keeping up with the ins and outs of paperwork? Don’t be. Angel is behind the scenes, handling tasks like:

  • Reviewing leases, creating rent rolls and spreading historical accounting figures into our proprietary loan underwriting template to help size loans to their proper level.
  • Conducting research and gathering valuation data and metrics to support your loan request.
  • Writing your offering memos and preparing color brochures and packages to market your loan request. 
  • Reviewing your documents to extract closing requirements and tracking government and borrower documents.

Should inconsistencies or problems crop up—say, neither party can locate a specific required document—count on Angel to personally show up at the state offices to straighten out the tangle. She also hand delivers documents to aid in the closing process and acts as a licensed notary.

But she shrugs off praise—personal service is merely what she expects of herself when she arrives at the office each morning. Her résumé pre-CBRE is riddled with titles like customer service specialist, commercial credit analyst, fiduciary deposit management division operations officer—all positions that require precision, accuracy and a smile.

Because when it comes to handling your business, you can count on Angel to leverage these traits to smooth the path to deal closure.