Anthony Johnson

Real Estate Accounting Manager

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6060 Dutchmans Ln
Suite 100
Louisville, KY 40205

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Anthony Johnson is the Real Estate Accounting Manager for the Louisville CBRE office and has over six (6) years of commercial real estate experience. Anthony is responsible for managing the accounting operations in Louisville which includes financial reporting, financial analysis, cash management, banking, client relations and debt management. Anthony adheres to the upmost ethical standards and maintains and oversees the company’s accounting principles, practices and procedures.

Before overseeing the accounting operations for the Louisville office, Anthony started his professional real estate career as an Associate Real Estate Accountant. Upon joining CBRE, he quickly assimilated into the Louisville accounting team where he quickly became an invaluable asset. He was instrumental in the launching of new system and reporting technologies to increase client efficiencies in accessing their financial reporting data. Today, Anthony leads the local accounting team and continues to promote new growth and changes in the ever-evolving landscape of the real estate market.