Belinda Trujillo

Senior Office Operations Manager

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234 S Brand Blvd
Suite 800
Glendale, CA 91204

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Belinda Trujillo serves as the Senior Office Operations Manager for CBRE Los Angeles North Office, one of the highest producing offices in the company. In partnership with Natalie Bazarevitsch, Senior Managing Director, she leads the activity of more than 100 brokers and staff members, while ensuring the smooth functioning of the office's operations and the high quality of service delivery CBRE is known for.

Ms. Trujillo is responsible for all operational, financial, personnel, and administrative concerns. She develops annual capital and operational budgets, forecasts and monitors expenses, and develops and implements cost controls through contract renegotiations and initiatives such as Marketing Budgets.

Ms. Trujillo truly believes in everyone she works with. She is dedicated to her office and encourages personal and professional growth among the staff and professionals.  Her commitment to and respect of every member on her team make her an outstanding manager and a true leader.