Candace Feller

Operations Manager

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Professional Experience

Professional Experience

Candace Feller is Operations Manager of CBRE Capital Markets Institutional Properties in Dallas. A 16-year veteran of commercial real estate, Candace has worked in the brokerage industry since 2004 and has been involved in the underwriting and marketing of approximately 60,000 units totaling more than $10.0 billion in volume. Her roles include escrow management, coordination and preparation of investment packages and team management. Prior to joining CBRE, Candace worked at Institutional Property Advisors, Cushman Wakefield, Prudential Real Estate Investors, JPI and Crescent Real Estate Equities. While at Prudential, Candace worked in the Transactions Group and underwrote in excess of $500 million multifamily transactions that were authorized by Prudential's Investment Committee.

Candace holds a Master of Land Economics and Real Estate degree and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting and Finance from Texas  A&M University.