Candice Williams

Operations Manager

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Professional Experience

Associated Office


3550 Lenox Road NE,
Suite 2300,
Atlanta, GA, 30326

Candice Williams is the Operations Director for the Southeast Division. She is responsible for facilities management, personnel management, human resources, and information technologies.

Before joining CBRE, Ms. Williams was the Director with Delmar Gardens where she was responsible for sales, housekeeping, dietary services, human resources, accounting, managed budgets, maintenance and resident relations. Ms. Williams’ areas of focus are operations management, human resources, financial management and customer service.

Ms. Williams started her career in human resources with a focus in operations. She has more than 16 years of management experience with her primary focus on customer service. Her love for philanthropic work goes unnoticed as she has worked closely with various organizations such as Homestretch, Rebuild Atlanta, United Way, Jr. Achievements, Shepard Center, and Habitat for Humanity.