Capella Espinosa

National Marketing Assistant

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400 S Hope Street
25th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071

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Capella delivers creative advantage. With an expertise that separates competence from excellence, Capella has a spark that not only propels projects forward to completion, but has a drive that ignites creative office energy to ensure that each project is a success.

Serving as the National Marketing Assistant across all 50 states, Capella leverages her innovative implementation strategies and her speedy project responsiveness to deliver quality service among CBRE’s unique, matrix management structure. She accomplishes this through one primary approach: Capella is an expert at seeing the big picture concurrent with managing the details. 

This mastery is what helps her teams advance towards accomplishing shared goals, is what facilitates CBRE’s co-existence of commercial and creative requirements and is what increases team efficiency on a daily basis. Capella doesn’t simply deliver creative advantage, she leverages global resources to provide local solutions—all the time, every time.