Cheryl Domanic

Senior Project Manager

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401 E Las Olas Boulevard
Suite 1500
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

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Cheryl is a Senior Project Manager providing services on the Bank of America account.  Her responsibilities include project management in critical and administrative facilities from point of inception, through design, construction, occupancy and close-out. She is currently responsible for managing an $11.4 million dollar major renovation in Downtown Miami, which is presently under construction.

Since 1997, Cheryl has worked in various capacities on the Bank of America account with CBRE, or Predecessor Facility Partners, within the administrative and critical facilities project management team.  Over her tenure on the account, she has developed strengths in communication skills/relationship development, understanding of the client functionality and interactions, understanding of the client design, finish and space standards, and adherence to process and procedure.  In addition to project management responsibilities, Cheryl has served on various committees to develop process and procedure, and operational improvement.  She has worked on the strategic planning team, participated in disaster recovery efforts throughout Florida, and represented the project team on the operating committee.  This experience, combined with strong client relationships, provides the foundation for superior project execution.

Project management experience in the administrative and critical facilities includes large box moves, line of business relocations and consolidations, repair and replacement of building infrastructure and operating systems, cosmetic renovations, and major remodeling.  Projects have typically been completed in non-retail facilities such as general office or administrative space, call centers, trading floor, processing centers, wealth management centers, cash vaults, and other operational and support environments associated with this client.