Cynthia Darst

Senior Project Manager

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Cynthia Darst is the ADA Program Lead with CBRE working on the Retail Project Management platform for the Bank of America account.  She currently manages a five-year program to retrofit more than 2,500 banking centers within CBRE’s territory along the U.S. East coast and Texas. Overseeing the activities of 25 project managers and working with Regional Team Leads, Cynthia continues to maintain quality as well as adherence to the overall budget and schedule while minimizing risk and implementing continuous process improvements to provide superior service to the client.

Prior to that, Cynthia was a Regional Manager responsible for 160 Minor Renovations in the state of Texas where she supervised the preconstruction activities of five project managers. She also led the Operations group for Retail Project Management where her primary role was Quality Control and Compliance Manager. There, she regulated and created processes to increase productivity, minimize risk and reduce program costs to the Retail Project Management Platform.   

Cynthia has been with the Retail Project Management team since 2003 whereas a Senior Project Manager, she successfully managed construction projects at new and existing banking centers from inception to completion, including but not limited to budgeting, design, phasing, scheduling, on-site coordination, and quality control. Throughout her tenure, Cynthia has worked on various programs (some concurrently) identified below.