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Executive Vice President

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David Prell is a devoted advocate for clients across a diverse array of industries. His practice is bifurcated between occupiers and investors of industrial and office real estate. With expertise on each end of the spectrum, David has a clear understanding of success for both parties. His commitment to understand the business of the client he is representing enables him to achieve results that consistently outperform the market. In all cases, David has one mission: Produce the best outcome for his client. Frequently, producing the best outcome means Leveraging experts in the allied fields, i.e. capital markets, structured finance, project management, etc., in order to develop a comprehensive solution to a problem. When representing an occupier, space is commoditized. When representing an investor, David defines the competitive advantages the property offers and how they will positively impact the occupiers’ business.

In addition, David works closely with his clients’ legal team to build flexibility into transactions, while also mitigating the client’s risk profile. With a recent average of 397 lease changes (from the initial draft to final terms) in favor of his clients, no clause is overlooked. These measurable results are a significant differentiator compared with competition who ignore the details. David’s clients take comfort knowing he has experience with:

  • Access Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Industry Track Agreements
  • Leases
  • License Agreements
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Work Letters

Beyond a successful transaction, which is a minimum standard, David realizes anticipation is a key component of the relationship. Markets are inherently fluid and, as such, demand ongoing interpretation to anticipate changes. While leases often govern occupancy, David’s unique understanding of the relationships between occupiers, investors, suppliers, and markets can allow his clients to pivot midstream, thus exploiting the real competitive advantage of David’s team. Finally, savvy professionals must continually educate themselves, which is why David embraces being a student of the industry.