Edward Midgley

Senior Vice President

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200 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10166

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Edward E. Midgley plays an active production role providing strategic real estate advisory and brokerage services to public and private sector clients.  He is highly skilled in the development and execution of entity-level transactions and tax-deferred exit strategies.  Mr. Midgley's professional experience includes commercial real estate research, acquisitions, lending and investment banking.

Previously, he was a member Insignia/ESG's Consulting Group and subsequently moved to the Capital Advisors Group, where he worked on and led numerous high-profile transaction teams - including some that have garnered prestigious industry awards.  Prior to Insignia/ESG, Mr. Midgley was a real estate investment banker specializing in Real Estate Investment Trusts with Dean Witter Reynolds (now Morgan Stanley).  Before entering investment banking, Mr. Midgley was a member of G. E. Capital Commercial Real Estate's Portfolio Acquisition & Business Ventures Group, acquiring commercial real estate entities, debt instruments and equity investments around the nation.

Robert T. Lawrence Award – The Real Estate Board of New York – Sale of 622 Third Avenue and Lease at One World Trade Center for Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield.
Long Island Deal of the Year Award – Association for a Better Long Island and the Commercial Industrial Brokers Society – Sale of the Garden City Company to Prism Venture Partners, LLC.
Multifamily Executive: Feature 5/2003 " Holding Strong – Multifamily Market Gets a Helpful Boost from Investor Demand";  Feature  3/2002 "September's Shock – Terrorist Attack slows New York Multifamily Industry";  Executive Commentary 9/2001 "Exit Strategies – It's Time to Take Some Chips Off the Table"
Multi-Housing News: Perspective 10/2002 "Multi-Housing REITs Ready to Experience Significant Turnaround"
Real Estate New York:  8/2001 "Wanted Manhattan Rental Properties"
The Daily Deal: Industry Insight 2/2000  "Property Revaluation – REIT Performance and Consolidation Trends"