Jessica Kufeld

Database Manager

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Professional Experience

Professional Experience

Jessica Kufeld is Customer Service Supervisor within CBRE’s Global Corporate Services division.  Ms. Kufeld serves on the Windstream account, on the facilities management team.

Ms. Kufeld’s primary focus is at Windstream’s call center where she manages and organizes the activity of the customer service representatives. She is responsible for identifying training needs, tracking performance, creating work schedules and end of year performance reviews.

In addition, a critical part of Ms. Kufeld’s role is troubleshooting and resolving escalated, complex customer inquiries and complaints. She oversees the work flow and tracking within Windstream’s database to ensure accuracy and integrity of the system. She also ensures the team maintains the SLA of 90%+ on all calls. 

Since joining CBRE in 2009, Ms. Kufeld has held the position of Facilities Coordinator for AT&T’s Mobility Account, before being promoted to Customer Service Supervisor in 2012.  In 2014 she became the Supervisor on the Windstream account. 

Jessica has over 20 years of management and customer service experience. Prior to joining CBRE she worked for Kohler Company as the Senior Customer Service Representative over U.S. and Canada.