Jim Sierpien

Director, HVAC Sales & Solutions

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Professional Experience

Jim Sierpien is currently the Director of HVAC Sales and Solutions for the CBRE project Management’s Principal Projects Group. Jim is focused on developing HVAC optimization programs to help clients realize long-term OPEX savings and mitigate risk associated with HVAC units past the end of their useful life. Jim has developed and sold projects of all different scale, including large scale rooftop replacements for large distribution centers, rooftop replacements for large multi-site clients, and air handler and chiller replacement projects for large corporate offices.

Prior to joining CBRE Jim worked for Carrier Global Corporation, where he developed and delivered a unique HVAC replacement program for Commercial Real Estate customers. He often partnered with CBRE to deliver that program to key CBRE clients.

Prior to his time with Carrier, Jim had served in the US Navy as a Nuclear Submarine Officer, where he qualified as a Nuclear Engineer.