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SVP Sales, Netwrk Advsry Srvcs

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John Pomposello is the Senior Vice President of CBRE’s Network Advisory Services. In this role, John manages a team that works to deliver distinct advantages for clients by reshaping technology strategies to drive value and achieve client objectives. 

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, John has had experience working with clients in virtually every vertical market, with an emphasis in hospitality, healthcare, finance, industrial and technology. John and his team help clients better understand the technology platforms they are utilizing today, and work to develop solutions to reduce costs and enhance end-user experience. This is achieved through services such as mark-to-market studies, network audits and cost analysis, contract negotiation, network design recommendations and implementation support. John also works with owners of commercial real estate properties by leveraging technology to minimize risk, improve the tenant experience and monetize assets. 

John’s personal mission is to exceed client objectives, which he accomplishes by being process focused. Pomposello’s knowledge encompasses a deep understanding of dark fiber and lit services as well as a great aptitude for emerging technologies such as SDN, SD-WAN, collocation and cloud. As Senior Vice President, John has a high level of technical business acumen, and a keen understanding of which technologies would benefit from investment or augmentation to achieve future goals and objectives. With experience in the technical, analytical, and executive sides of business technology, John is exceptional at understanding evolving client needs, and effectively communicating those needs with service providers.

John is a respected leader in telecommunications and technology, with more than 20 years of experience working both for and with Fortune 500 companies in the space. Prior to joining CBRE, John was Vice President of Sales at New England Fiber, which was acquired by CBRE in January 2020, launching the Network Advisory Services practice. John holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Northeastern University and a bachelor’s degree in Business from Bridgewater State University.