Karla Monarez

Business Services Manager

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Professional Experience

Karla Monarrez is Business Services Manager in CBRE’s Financial Consulting Group. She joined CBRE in March 1997 with core responsibilities of keeping her nine managers happy with doing all of the administrative duties for them.  She prepares monthly invoices (approximately 800 a month) for all the deals that the analyst works on during the month.  She keeps track of everything in the 12 databases from the FCG offices.  She prepares monthly reports for all of FCG profit and loss statements and all of FCG budgets each year.  She handles all of the HR issues for FCG and prepares and calculates the quarterly and annual bonuses.  She works with off-site vendors to host the annual analyst training sessions.  She also does the special reports requested by managers throughout the year.

Prior to joining CBRE, Karla worked at LACMA (Medical Assocation) as an HR Assistant from June 1990 to March 1997 and Manna Pro at Payroll Manager from February 1989 to May 1990.  She received her degree in Psychology from UC Berkeley.

Karla is a valuable asset to the team, contributing expertise in a variety of software programs. She has also made an impression for being a fast learner, for her organizational skills, and being good at developing short cuts to increase work efficiency.