Kim Carlson

Senior Real Estate Manager

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102 S. Tejon
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Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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Kim has been with CBRE for 12+ years with the majority of her time spent with one client.  As a Senior Real Estate Manger within CBRE’s Global Corporate Services group she has over 22 years of experience in Commercial Real Estate/Facilities Management. Currently, she leads a team of professionals responsible for managing 2.7 million SF of office and mixed use property in North America.

As the operational lead for Real Estate Services for a Global High Technology Company, Kim is responsible for delivering consistent, high-quality service for a portfolio that has spanned 55+ properties and 6 million SF across North America. She excels at achieving client and employee satisfaction by effectively leveraging and implementing the CBRE platform.  In particular, Kim is adept at delivering client satisfaction through an approach that starts with the identification of core client business challenges and aligning those with strategic operational activity. She is a recognized leader for her problem solving and negotiation expertise. Utilizing her excellent verbal and written communication skills, her end goal is to add value to her client(s) and tenants.

Prior to her current role, Kim managed the overall operations and service delivery for the West Region consisting of 2.6 million SF of mixed property types with a $30 million annual budget.  As part of her Key Performance Indicators benchmarks, she successfully reduced the client’s footprint, delivered $2.1 million in cost savings or avoidance, controlled occupancy expenses, retained customer satisfaction, enhanced facility appearance and managed building projects.

From 2005-2007, Kim provided oversight of facilities management services for the CBRE Mervyn’s account managing R&M budgets in excess of $15 million for 31 stores in 5 states.

A highlight in her career was when she played a lead role in the merger of two companies.  She contributed in the transition by assisting the leadership team in defining their real estate strategic planning goals for each site in the portfolio.  She then implemented their objectives by collaborating in the design and construction of numerous office and corporate facility development projects.