Mark Bezold

Senior Vice President (Honorary Title)

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Professional Experience

Mark Bezold is a Senior Vice President (Honorary Title) with CBRE’s Public Institutions and Education Solutions group. In this role he focuses on advising and representing state and local governments around the United States, with a concentration on strategic planning and executing transactions. Currently, he is part of a team managing CBRE’s account with the State of New York and is leading a significant leasing effort. Additionally, recent assignments have included creating a strategic plan for the State of New York, as well as development advisory for the State of Maryland, tenant representation for the District of Columbia Retirement Board, and headquarters and disposition consulting for the Texas Department of Transportation.

State of New York

Mr. Bezold is a key member of the account management team for CBRE’s State of New York account. In this capacity he actively manages over 50 transactions representing approximately 2 MSF. In addition, he participates in a variety of strategic planning and advisory activities, including the development of strategic plans for each major metropolitan area throughout the State, which involved touring over 12 MSF of leased and owned space to identify opportunities for both cost savings and space utilization improvement. The final deliverables included a custom analytical model for the State to plan leasing activities through 2017.

Texas Department of Transportation

Mr. Bezold was a lead analyst on an extensive asset prioritization process that looked at over 60,000 land parcels to identify nearly 500 potential disposition candidates with a total market value of over $200M. In addition, Mr. Bezold led the design of a customized financial & evaluation model to assist in the development of a new headquarters strategy.

Wheel Program

In 2012, Mr. Bezold completed the CBRE Wheel Program, commercial real estate’s premier training program, which exposes members to a broad spectrum of real estate services. His experience includes global corporate services, tenant representation, agency leasing, and investment sales.