Matthew Cutter

Manager, Corp Finance Mgmt

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Matthew Cutter is the Senior Financial Analyst of the CBRE Financial Consulting Group (FCG) in Dallas, which serves the entire Southwest Region. He provides financial and analytical consulting to corporations, financial institutions, REIT's and real estate advisory companies. Utilizing his experience and knowledge of capital markets, corporate real estate and industry underwriting standards, Mr. Cutter develops financial solutions that benefit clients by identifying critical property level financial issues and areas for value creation.

The FCG specializes in sophisticated financial and analytical consultative services that are used to facilitate an informed decision-making process for the client concerning real estate alternatives. The primary services produced are financial modeling interpretation of financial impact, identification of accounting and tax issues and the production of documented support on development, lease and investment transactions. FCG designs and customizes its work to communicate information in the consistent, professional manner required by financial institutions and industry professionals.

Prior to joining CBRE, Mr. Cutter worked as an Analyst with the ORIX Capital Markets. At ORIX, he worked on the Process Automation Team, providing financial and data analysis for senior management within the Loan Servicing Division. Mr. Cutter joined the FCG in May 2006 as a Financial Consultant in the Dallas office.