Michael D'Alessandro

National Multifamily Practice Leader, Executive Vice President

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321 N. Clark Street
Suite 3400
Chicago, IL 60654

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Michael D’Alessandro serves as National Multifamily Practice Leader/Executive Vice President for Valuation & Advisory Services and is located in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. D’Alessandro has over 25 years of experience within real estate valuation and advisory service sector always focused on multifamily. 

Mr. D’Alessandro leads a team of over 200 multifamily appraisers throughout the country and is responsible for business development as well as guiding best practices in the multifamily group.  

Mr. D’Alessandro has experience in affordable housing (LIHTC, Senior, Section 8, and Public Housing), CBD high-rise and mixed-use developments as well as conventional multifamily.  He is Also HUD Map Certified and well versed in the HUD space. 

Clients served include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lenders, HUD lenders, accountants, national and regional banks, CMBS and private equity lenders, law firms, life companies, mortgage brokers, investment firms, REITS, pension funds and government agencies.