Michael Ruff

Senior Business Analyst

Lic. 01269001

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4301 La Jolla Village Drive
Suite 3000
San Diego, CA 92122

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Mike has over two decades of real estate experience, having been with CBRE for over 21 years. Over his time with CBRE, Mike has worked in all aspects of commercial real estate, though primarily supporting multiple institutional leasing teams within the office, industrial, and life science specialties. Over the years, he has developed a strong rapport with a number of CBRE’s top clients such as Kilroy Realty, Healthpeak (HCP), Arden Realty/GE, Invesco, LBA Realty, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Equity Office, etc., all of which continue to rely on him for a steady flow of market information/communication. More recently, Mike has taken on a more active role in the occupier services discipline focused on large corporate life science/technology companies, as well as servicing global accounts as needed.

Mike brings a wealth of market intelligence and relevant experience to his unique role(s) within the company, where his dedication, attention to detail, and creativity makes him an integral part of those he works with, and the office as a whole. He thoroughly grasps how to best serve CBRE clients and continually meet their ever-changing marketing expectations. He thrives and takes pride in delivering excellence, accuracy, and superior “best-in-class” materials and information.