Molly Connelly


Lic. 01745896

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400 S Hope Street
25th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071

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Molly Connelly is with Customer Success for Global Sales Management, engaged in deployment, training, and the ongoing support of our CBRE programs and resources. She is known as an internal solutions expert, quickly connecting CBRE sales professionals across the company with accurate information.

For nearly two decades Molly has been engaged with enhancing productivity for brokers and managers, currently focused on customer success for Deal IQ - CBRE’s proprietary, state-of-the-art brokerage operating platform. She managed the TRAC program for several years before her involvement as a trainer and power user of Salesforce. She has created digital and print internal communications, served on the Los Angeles executive team in operations, and has supported seasoned investment, corporate services, occupier and agency brokerage teams throughout Southern California.

Molly has grown immeasurably from training and supporting professionals at CBRE. Ms. Connelly's success partnering with some of the best brokers and managers in the business and experience developing and maintaining the integrity and innovation of the powerful CBRE platform, gives her the knowledge and resources necessary to deliver excellent results and outstanding service.