Monty Geanangel

Sr. Engineering Operations Manager Technical Services

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200 Civic Center Drive
14th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

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Mr. Geanangel is the Senior Engineering Operations Manager for CBRE Columbus’ Technical Services Division. His primary responsibility in this capacity is the supervision and management of the seven prominent buildings in the State Of Ohio portfolio, totaling 4.1 million square feet.
Throughout his career, Monty has been recognized for his leadership skills and ability to forge strong cross-functional relationships and build high performance teams. He has a proven track record in identifying and accelerating strategic measures and profit levers that strengthen financial performance, improve customer satisfaction, and sustaining results. Being customer focused, a strategic planner, striving for lean processes, capital planning, and constantly pursuing quality and productivity improvement are just a few of his trademark qualities.
Monty has a diverse professional background including operations, engineering, sales, marketing, service business management, manufacturing, and quality executive leadership. Prior to joining CBRE, Monty had an extensive work history in quality, service, customer care, manufacturing, and engineering with Emerson Network Power (Liebert Corporation) and YUSA Corporation.  Monty was the business leader for a $53M HVAC national service unit for Liebert.