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Myra Smith is on the Business Development team of CBRE’s Network Advisory Services group, which focuses on guiding clients on technology and telecom decisions. Based in Houston, TX, Myra leverages decades of global experience to collaborate with clients and sales professionals throughout the real estate life cycle.

Myra began her career as a landlord representative in Atlanta, GA, where she excelled in prospecting outreach and securing new business. She was then recruited to CBRE, initially serving as a sales professional in Houston, and then transitioned to the National Corporate Services sales team.

During her 22 years at CBRE, Myra has provided invaluable client diagnostic expertise and improved outcomes for several of CBRE’s largest clients. Myra also developed and delivered 20+ globally recognized courses on winning new business, including, "Getting a Meeting Every Time,” “Understanding Decision Makers & Influencers,” and "Prospecting with a Heart in 2020".

Additionally, Myra pioneered a groundbreaking commercial real estate process and win strategy for middle-market accounts, contributing to CBRE’s highly successful middle-market account practice. She also made significant impacts at CBRE by developing and leading a national training program, coaching sales professionals on over 1,000 pursuits annually, as well as creating CBRE’s first ground up B2B marketing alliance with Regus leadership and CBRE’s account team.

Myra's accomplishments have been duly recognized as she was ranked #9 on Heroes of the Fortune 500 in 2014, acknowledged with the 2011 CBRE University Learning & Development award, and the 2011 Corporate Services Business Development Unsung Hero title, as well as Recipient of the 2011 Gary J. Beban Teamwork Award, and the 2008 Manager Innovation Award. Beyond her professional achievements, Myra is actively involved in philanthropy, volunteering at the Sacred Hearts Humanitarian Respite Center since 2014. She is also the founder of CBRE’s Renowned Birthday Cakes for Homeless Children Program.