Paul Haskin

Senior Vice President

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200 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10166

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Paul Haskin has represented some of New York City’s most prominent tenants and owners in his 30 years in the industry. His experience entails strategic agency services, tenant representation, lease negotiation and value-driven consulting assignments. In recent years, he has taken on an increasing role as decision-maker for middle-market clients, focusing on aligning a company’s national real estate strategy with its business strategy, and completing deals in major urban centers across the country. His clients value him for his ability to identify opportunities, provide opinions of value and advise them on thoughtful growth strategies.

On the advisory side, Mr. Haskin represents a breadth of clients, from professional services firms to real estate-centric private equity funds to philanthropic organizations to entertainment/creative firms.

After a successful career as an entrepreneur, Mr. Haskin began his real estate career in 1985 at Helmsley-Spear Inc., and soon became the firm’s youngest Vice President. In 1991, Mr. Haskin joined Newmark & Company Real Estate, Inc., becoming a member of its Executive Committee prior to joining our firm (then Insignia/ESG) in 1998.

Inspired by New York City’s diversity, its role as a center of intellectual capital and its vibrant sports and entertainment scene, Mr. Haskin uses his knowledge of and love for the city to inform his deal-making acumen. A passionate sports fan and believer in the power of athletics to nurture youth and help them grow, Mr. Haskin has coached little league and tennis (and was a nationally ranked tennis player in college). He is a 30-year resident of the Upper East Side, where he lives with his wife, Lauren, and family who are involved with the New York City business community and philanthropic organizations.