Robert Murphy

Environmental Site Assessment Reviewer

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4520 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64111

Robert Murphy is the environmental site assessment reviewer for the CBRE’s Assessment & Consulting Services Group in the Midwest. Mr. Murphy is a Professional Engineer in the State of Missouri and a certified asbestos building inspector. Mr. Murphy has 31 years of project management experience in the areas of ASTM compliant Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), hydrogeology, water management, hazardous waste/petroleum site characterization and remediation, environmental permitting, brownfield redevelopment issues, and funding. Mr. Murphy has a strong working knowledge of site assessments; environmental permitting requirements at the State level, RCRA regulatory compliance, water pollution control regulations, groundwater monitoring regulations, asbestos/mold/lead-based paint/radon inspection requirements, risk-based corrective-action guidance, sampling and analysis protocol; risk analysis and threat characterization, vapor-intrusion modeling, health and safety protocols, and remedial action design and operation. Mr. Murphy has performed over 300 Phase I ESAs, 75 Phase II ESAs, and 70 building inspections for hazardous materials such as asbestos containing material, lead-based paint, radon, and mold.

Mr. Murphy has performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments throughout the United States. Additionally, Mr. Murphy has conducted regulatory compliance reviews/audits at large industrial facilities throughout the Midwest. Projects at CBRE have also included short-term radon screening, sampling of suspect asbestos-containing materials, and testing clients’ potable water supply for lead. Mr. Murphy has worked in the field of environmental engineering since 1992, and as an engineering consultant since 2006.