Scott Adan

Director of Seismic Assessment Services

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With over 26 years of experience, Dr. Adan is a nationally recognized structural and earthquake engineer. As Director of Seismic Assessment Services, he is the primary technical consultant for all the company’s seismic assessment needs. His extensive experience and engineering background provide a keen ability to advise real estate owners, investors, and lending institutions on matters related to seismic and earthquake due diligence.

Dr. Adan has authored more than 20 publications on earthquake resistant design and has investigated damage from numerous earthquakes and lectured on their effects.  He has performed research for the National Institute of Standards and Technology and for the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California.  In the past, he has served as an adjunct professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Utah and at the University of Washington.  He has also been directly responsible for the structural design, evaluation, and retrofit for hundreds of buildings throughout the country and abroad.

As past chair of the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California's Steel Subcommittee, he continues to serve on many professional organizations including the American Institute of Steel Construction's Seismic Design Manual Subcommittee, the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute’s Concrete Coalition Advisory Committee, the Structural Engineers Association of California’s Committee for Post-Disaster Performance Observations, the American Society of Civil Engineer’s Structural Engineering Institute, and the American Concrete Institute’s Performance Based Seismic Design of Concrete Buildings Committee.

Dr. Adan has received numerous honors and awards including the President’s Award from the Structural Engineers Association of Washington, Award of Merit in Structural Engineering from the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California and is a recipient of the Special Projects Initiative from the same organization.