Taras Skavinskyy

Director of Analytics

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321 N. Clark Street
Suite 3400
Chicago, IL 60654

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Taras Skavinskyy oversees a team of statisticians and analysts who create cutting-edge analytics solutions to understand customer behavior and model real estate performance to optimize site selection for various industries from QSRs to big box retailers. Since starting as a Research Analyst in 2012, Taras has been building regression models and bespoke algorithms to estimate trade areas, forecast sales, and measure cannibalization.

Taras has been key in developing ShopoGraphics, an evolving segmentation system for US retail that classifies retail zones by the types of retail in the center, the size of the center, and the surrounding environment. ShopoGraphics refines the accuracy of forecasting models and client solutions by providing unique insights into a brand’s current position, competitive positioning, and future opportunities for expansion.

Taras holds a Master’s Degree in Analytics from the University of Chicago, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He began his career in data analytics at Aon Hewitt and consumer insights analytics at Kemper before joining the CBRE Forum Analytics team.