Tom Sims

Senior Vice President

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6060 Dutchmans Ln,
Suite 100,
Louisville, KY, 40205

Tom joined CBRE in November 2005 after 14 years in the Logistics industry in sales and consulting. Most recently from Canada’s largest distribution and logistics company, Purolator Courier, Ltd, he has also held positions at UPS and Emery Worldwide. Tom brings to CBRE experience in Free Trade Zones, NAFTA, Transportation Management Systems, Order Management Systems, product fulfillment (e-commerce and catalogue), returns management, JIT, parcel, air freight, LTL and TL, and supply chain planning. Tom understands the processes and environments that challenge manufacturing and distribution businesses today. A member of CBRE’s E-Commerce Specialty Practice Group, Tom has assisted a number of e-commerce companies in securing a location for warehouse fulfillment.