Professional Experience

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400 S Hope Street,
25th Floor,
Los Angeles, CA, 90071

Trey Wales is a Managing Director with CBRE Consulting. He has experience in strategic occupancy planning for global and national private sector clients in various industries including banking, healthcare, biomedical, consumer and packaged goods, and security solutions, as well as experience with regulated utility companies, hospital systems, and numerous U.S. Federal and State organizations.

Trey is currently engaged in helping clients achieve cost effective real estate, workforce, and operational efficiencies through the development of portfolio optimization strategies, site selection, workplace strategies, organizational planning, and technology solutions. He is experienced in investigating company occupancy strategies, benchmarking company portfolios against market trends, researching critical demographic information, financial analysis, workforce analysis, and benchmarking against industry best practices. Additionally, Trey is responsible for leading process improvement and expanding offerings in areas such as benchmarking and data visualization technologies for CBRE Consulting.

Trey brings a unique background of experience in the global work environment, including real estate organizational planning and relocation analysis as an independent consultant, market performance analysis in the London music industry, management of community rebuilding projects from New York to Puerto Rico, and hosting of international political forums in the Houses of Parliament, London, UK.