Will Jenkins

Director, Electric Vehicle Solutions

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Jacksonville, FL 32202

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Will is a highly qualified energy and electrical contractor. He has spent the better half of the past decade in construction management with experience in renewable energy projects ranging from bio-mass power plants, solar systems, and electrical vehicle (EV) charging implementation.

Will’s focus has been on design-build EV charging systems and he has successfully served as a trusted advisor to multiple fleet clients, providing strategies and implementation plans for transitioning internal combustion engine (ICE) fleets to electric, proper charger selection, efficient site design, and electrical distribution means. He also led a team that facilitated nationwide charging networks to establish public-facing fast chargers across the US.

Will has a deep understanding of the EV charging industry and electrical infrastructure, which makes him uniquely positioned to advise clients on proper electrification needs, including fleets, public-facing DCFC, and workplace charging solutions.


  • Helped lead the development of EV Charging strategy and business case for his previous employer
  • Private client – Design build - (2) 6MW charging depots totalling over 800 chargers
  • Private client – Design assist - (1) 3MW charging depo totalling over 50 chargers
  • Private retail client – 500+ location retail charging system rollout
  • 200+ design-build for car dealerships totalling hundreds of chargers
  • Several dozen public fast charging network sites
  • Several dozen design-build phased implementations for light-medium duty fleets
  • Countless workplace charger implementations


  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration with a focus on Risk Management from the University of Mississippi