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Delta Sky Club Austin


Austin, TX
Corporate Interiors, Architecture and Engineering

Delta Airlines is a long-standing client of CBRE Design Collective. With quality finishes, thoughtful details, and comfortable furnishings, we created a warmth and ambiance that transformed the Delta Sky Club in Austin, Texas into a destination between destinations, resulting in a relaxing environment with a universal appeal.

Striving to deliver a premier guest experience, the client’s goal was to create a luxury landing place for travelers during their journey from place to place. With local flair in mind, it was vital that the club infuse regional elements that gave travelers a feeling of the city of Austin.

The space needed to be compiled of specific zones that allow for varying functions and required a seamless path leading guests to the amenities. The client also required a 365-degree view overlooking the concourse and public outdoor terrace with views of the runway. A unique element of the program is the covered Sky Deck, an outdoor patio to provide guests an opportunity to enjoy fresh air while taking in runway views.

The space emulates the client’s goal of crafting a refined hospitality environment with details reflecting the region’s culture, featuring locally sourced food and beverages, Texas-inspired décor, and artwork from Austin-based artists. The club’s interior pays homage to Austin and Texas through a focus on warm colors in red and orange hues, rich velvet fabrics, distressed leathers, an American black walnut library table, and bronze metal finishes.

The design team solved the need for intimate moments through implementation of a landscape of space and seating types, creating a sense of discoverability. The team executed this with a welcoming feeling to the club while creating a fluid flow with the perceived division of space. Spaces throughout the club are inviting and flexible, with easy maneuverability. The client was able to maintain their signature elements and specialty zones for work, dining and relaxation, while establishing a sense of privacy to guests by creating intimate settings.