Project & Program Management

Retail Project & Program Management

Our retail project and program management professionals support owners, investors and developers through the lifecycle of their assets.



Our Retail Project Management team provides development management, construction management and tenant coordination services for owners, investors and developers of shopping centers.

Our Services

Development Management
Development management requires both strategic planning and technical execution. Our services are rooted in thorough technical due diligence and entitlement process mapping. We dovetail seamlessly into the team of stakeholders, partners and public officials to support proforma development and secure approvals.

Construction Management
Our construction management services include both strategic management as well as on local onsite, full-time construction supervision. Cost consultancy, contract negotiations, construction administration, CAPEX tracking and management, schedule and milestone management are central to our construction management services.

Tenant Coordination
Our staff are skilled negotiators of design, technical systems, contract management and landlord work scope. We develop a client specific scope of tenant coordination services, customized to your specific project or portfolio needs. Our scope extends from creation of tenant design manuals through punch list and tenant allowance administration. Services we provide through your entire asset lifecycle:

  • Cost Consulting & Project Estimation
  • Leasing Support
  • Design & Plan Review
  • Landlord Work including base building coordination, white box programs and turnover to tenants
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Closeout

Featured Client Outcomes

The Yards


Washington, D.C.
- 125,000 SF ground up retail and restaurant

Our team provided predevelopment, program management and tenant coordination for the ground up retail and restaurant of Forest City’s 18-acre, 3 million square foot redevelopment of Washington, D.C.’s former Navy Yards.

Tsawwassen Mills


Delta, British Columbia
- 1.2 Million SF
- 190+ Tenants

Our team has provided tenant coordination services for the ground up shopping center that opened in 2016. We’ve coordinated the buildouts of more than 190 retail and restaurants with a team of onsite coordinators.

Domain Northside


Austin, TX
- 600,000 SF
- 135 Tenants

We’ve provided on-and off-site tenant coordination for more than 600,000 SF of mixed-use projects including retail and restaurant tenants.