Infrastructure and Public Enterprise

Anne Arundrel County

Capital Projects


Anne Arundel County, MD
130,000+ SF
$1 Billion in public works and utilities projects to date

Since 1988, CBRE’s public sector project management team, CBRE Heery Inc., have been assisting Anne Arundel County by managing and expediting its backlog of public works and utilities projects. More than 320 projects later, our team has managed the design and construction of nearly $1 billion in projects for the county.

Our team manages projects from planning and budgeting through design, procurement, construction, and performance phases in the same capacity as the Bureau of Engineering’s in-house project management staff. In addition to specific projects such as the $140.8 million Cox Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, we have managed entire programs such as the Elevated Water Storage Tanks Program. The team has also assisted in developing the county’s tools critical to achieving consistent project delivery results, including the county’s Project Management Manual and the Sewer Pump Station Priorities Matrix.


County Capital Projects include:

Cox Creek Water Reclamation Facility ENR Process Conversion
The Cox Creek Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) is a 30 million gallon per day (MGD) municipal wastewater treatment plant located in Curtis Bay, MD. Work at this $140.8 million facility includes projects associated with Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) and non-ENR funded facility upgrades. Upon completion, the facility will have the capacity to process 45 MGD of effluent and will reduce nitrogen discharge into the Chesapeake Bay by 50% and reduce phosphorous discharge by 80%. The state-of-the-art membrane filtration system at Cox Creek will be the first of its size in the State of Maryland.

Ridgeview Plaza Sewer Pump Station, Force Main, and Gravity Interceptor
Ridgeview Plaza Sewer Pump Station’s upgrades included construction of a new sewer pumping station located to the southwest corner of the existing Ridgeview Plaza Shopping Center on MD Route 175 as well as installation of gravity sewer interceptor and force mains on Disney Road and MD Route 175 in Anne Arundel County.

Stormwater Management Program
In 2013, Anne Arundel County turned to our team to develop and implement their newly mandated Watershed Protection and Restoration Capital Improvement Program. This $75 million per year program designs and constructs storm water management infrastructure improvements to comply with federal and state clean water requirements.