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We restructure, rebalance and mend capital stacks, connecting capital and investors to create bespoke solutions for private and institutional owners, corporations and lenders.

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Fixing the Broken Capital Stack

In times of economic disruption, capital stacks break, and putting them back together can sound hugely complex. With bespoke solutions crafted by experienced thinkers, CBRE takes all the complexity and chaos and turns it into a rational and clear strategy. 

Solving from Experience

Our team has navigated downturns before. We understand what investors face, what capital providers want, and what local markets and asset classes demand. Our experience lets us see capital stack solutions others miss and deliver them faster, minimizing pain and maximizing gain for our clients. 

Delivering Holistically

We bring together a team of experts in every major market, asset class and specialty niche across commercial real estate. Together we see the big picture, zero in on client needs and pinpoint solutions in a four-step process. 

  • Diagnose owners' needs alongside the business plans of capital providers
  • Connect with specialists in asset classes and local markets all across CBRE
  • Create bespoke solutions tailored to the specifics of each market and sector
  • Execute from experience with a single point of contact for continuity and uniformity
Every cycle is different yet the same—the market hits bottom and capital stacks break. But opportunities always emerge. Our team is here to help our clients take advantage of this moment in the market.
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