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Connecting Your Locations to CBRE Market Insights.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which sub-region and sector can I view boundaries for?
You can view EA boundaries and its insights for the U.S. office, industrial, apartment, hotel and retail sectors. We will be expanding the boundary coverage to include Canadian boundaries and its insights by end of Q2 2021.

What should I know about saving my locations and its insights?
Locator saves your locations, not appended reports. To keep a report, you can either export it to Microsoft Excel, or save the your locations and append data later.

Does Locator have an API?
An API is an application protocol interface. We have spent considerable time and effort developing Locator's API which can be leveraged to connect to our applications and extract data.

Which browsers does Locator support?
Locator works best with Chrome and Microsoft Edge Chromium browsers. Using Locator in any other browser can be disruptive and depending on the version of your browser, you may also be directed to an unsupported browser page.

Does Locator work on mobile?
We don't currently support mobile devices. Using Locator on mobile is possible but logging in can be difficult and certain parts of the interface might not work as expected, depending on your device and settings. 

Key Features

  • Use Address Finder to drop pins and locate submarkets by sector or upload a list of pins.
  • Use Markets and Sectors to browse or refocus the map.
  • Click on pins to access key stats and other features.
  • Append connects your locations to market and submarket insights – historical and forecast.
  • Building Filter refines your own customized time series reports for the office, industrial and apartment sectors.

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