Sustainability Solutions

Green Buildings

Design, build and operate real estate assets that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Woman walking outside a sustainble-designed building, showcasing eco-friendly architecture and green building practices.

Create real estate assets that prioritize environmental sustainability and social responsibility at every stage. From site selection through construction and operation, our holistic approach ensures organizations seamlessly integrate sustainability into their real estate portfolio.

CBRE Sustainability Solutions

Our Approach

Simplify complexity, accelerate sustainability. No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, we have the strategy to help you achieve your goals. Our solutions are strategic, optimized and scalable – all supported by data-driven insights.

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Strategic Blueprint
Build a strategy to meet goals, regulations and stakeholder expectations worldwide
Resource Optimization
Enhance efficiency throughout your organization to reduce costs and your environmental footprint
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Decarbonization at Scale
Rapidly deploy solutions to decarbonize portfolios and value chains
Sustainability Insights
Enable real-time decision making through comprehensive data, analytics and reporting

Why Choose CBRE?

  • Experts in real estate

    We specialize in collaborating with developers, investors, landlords and occupiers to achieve sustainability goals. Our expertise lies in crafting solutions that benefit all stakeholders, meet regulations and enhance the sustainability of the built environment.

  • Maximize efficiency

    Our approach maximizes efficiency by developing high level action plans and deploying capable teams to implement changes on-the-ground. This is strategic thinking driven by practical knowledge and application.

  • Scalable solutions

    With our global reach and in-depth knowledge of local regulations, we provide cross-border solutions. Our network links you with experts worldwide from HVAC engineers, building surveyors to renewable energy specialists - we have the people to help you achieve your sustainability objectives.